Core Technologies

FCC is fully utilizing its core capabilities not only to maximize safely, quality, cost, and delivery for existing products, but we also look to utilize these core capabilities to efficiently develop products of the future which we anticipate being highly desired in the markets we serve.

Friction Material

FCC has focused on research & development as well as technology, and placed the friction material as its highest priority.
Regarding paper-based friction material which is a particularly detailed process, performance requirements are met by bringing the baseline production in-house for full control, as the process is the vital point since it significantly influences clutch performance. Not only clearing environmental regulations, but applying a bonding process which is capable of completely eliminating waste, we strive for technologies such as friction paper to maximize our manufacturing capabilities.

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Established in June 1939 (Showa 14). Click here for company profile.

Our company was established in June 1939 as Fuji Lite Kogyosho Co., Ltd. At the time of its establishment, we were engaged in compression molding of synthetic resin products such as gears and clutch plates for parts made mainly of Bakelite resin. I was doing In March 1943, the company name was changed to Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., and the English name was changed to Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd. After that, the scope of our business changed with the times, and we gradually specialized in clutches as we do today. As a result, we took the initials of Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd. and changed it to our current trade name, FCC Co., Ltd. (English notation: FCC CO., LTD.) in July 1984.
In February 2003, we were listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and in March 2004, we were listed on the First Section.